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Five Points Conservation Club League Rules and Prizes for 2018

1. Shooters must be active members or in the process of becoming members 

2. League night will be the first Tuesday of the month. Starting time 6:30, April  through October,

November will be available for shoot offs, prizes, and awards

3. ATA rules apply.

4. Club rules will be posted next to the score sheet.

5. Shooters will be free to pick their squad

6. Shoots will consist of 50 single targets, 25 from the 16 yard line and 25 from handicap, the 23

yard line.

7. Members must shoot 200 targets to qualify for league champion.

8. Each shooter will have the option to shoot as many weeks as they want but the best four rounds will be

kept for the final score.

9. No makeup shoots

10. There will also be an odd colored bird each night. If you break it you get a free round of trap on

Thursday night.

11. The league champion will be the shooter with the highest score. In case of a tie, there will be no

shoot off for champion or 2nd place until the last night. This shoot off will be 25 from the 16 yard 

line and if still tied 25 from the 27. Shooters will remain at the 27 until there is a winner.

12. There is a $25 nightly fee. This fee will pay for birds and prizes. $10 per shooter goes to the club,

$10 for 1st, 2nd and 3rd place prize money for that night. $5 goes to the League championship end

of the year prize.

13. We will use the club call boxes.

14. There will be 2 score keepers. Everyone is a score keeper.

15. Shooters and scores will be posted in the clubhouse before the next shoot.

16. Pay out for the league will be 50/30/20, for 1st,2nd,and 3rd place. Same payout ratio for the monthly

       and League Campionship.